Learn the facts about reverse mortgages and make an informed decision.

There is more information on the internet than you could read in a lifetime. The important thing is to get the facts. Learn how it works, the pitfalls, and your options for the home equity conversion mortgage. Our courteous staff is here to answer all of your reverse mortgage questions.

Reverse Mortgage Facts

A reverse mortgage is a financial tool that allows you to release the equity in your home to do a number of things. You can get cash to pay bills, make repairs, travel, or do almost anything you like. You can set up to receive monthly payments or a line of credit to maintain your standard of living. You can also do a combination of all of the above.

The numbers or the amount of money you have access to is based on your date of birth, the value of the property and the interest rate. We must pay off any existing lien or mortgage to clear the title. You can get a lump sum after closing, a monthly tax free check, a line of credit to use as you choose, or any combination of these choices.

Reverse Mortgage Counseling

Since the loan is guaranteed by the U.S. government it is a requirement that all borrowers and non-borrowing spouses complete counseling. This counseling is provided by a HUD approved housing agency for free or at a very low cost. This ensures that everyone completely understands how the reverse mortgage works. After completion, you will be issued a certificate as proof of counseling. The certificate is good for six months and must be signed and dated by all homeowners involved.

Reverse Mortgage Requirements

We offer a face to face reverse mortgage application process throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

You now have more choices than ever.

Ready to begin? Here's your process

1. Research

How long are you going to stay in your home? If you plan on moving soon a reverse might not be for you.

2. Counseling

-Must be preformed by a reverse mortgage certified counselor.
-The counseling can be handled face to face or over the phone. It is a minimum of forty-five minutes. This is a neutral third party whose job is to help you understand your options.
-The cost of HUD counseling ranges from free to $125.00.
-HUD offers lists of approved counselors on their wesite.

3. Application and Underwriting

-Complete the application with one of our loan officers, this can also be completed over the phone or in person. You will need to supply proof of your date of birth and social security number.You will also sign and date numerous disclosures and given a copy of everything involved.
-The reverse mortgage consultant will collect all necassary documentation, order the appraisal, request the title report, and submit the file to underwriting for final approval.
-Your mortgage consultant will schedule a time to close on your reverse mortgage loan. The entire process usually takes between two and four weeks.

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