Use our reverse mortgage calculator see some of your H.E.C.M. options.

Since the reverse mortgage is based on your age, interest rate, and home value you can see numbers with minimal information. Your income and credit score are not qualifying factors when getting a home equity conversion mortgage. Call or inquire online and one of our specialists will contact you.

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Do you own your home free and clear? Or, is your mortgage almost paid off and you have a lot of equity built into your home? If you are 62 years of age or older and the answer is yes to any of these questions, you may be the perfect candidate for a HECM refinance loan.

This loan is for borrowers who want to stay in their own home but could use tax-free cash to improve their current lifestyle.

Use Your Money However You Wish

Why? The money you can get from a HECM Refi. loan can be used however you wish. After you pay off any mandatory obligations you owe you could use your money to:

Or, you can design your HECM Refinance loan to take advantage of a combination of 3 of these options. Ask David how he can design a refi- loan crafted specifically for you and your lending needs.

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